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About Me

 A hardcore boy mom to three and lover of all things Coffee, Wine, DIY, Design, Outdoor Explorations, and Travel!


My Name is Julie. I love any DIY home project! Refinishing, painting, staining, designing, give me all the challenges! I love to watch my work completely transform a home! I hold my family close to my heart and we love to laugh! 


I’ve always held many titles. With a background in real estate and love for anything "home" I love to cast my ideas and watch them come to life, create, renovate, decorate, I love it all! I’m so flexible in this stage of life. Farmhouse, chic, minimal, rustic- I strive to create brilliant, homey spaces for EVERYONE and every budget. I just want it to feel warm and "like home"!


In addition to my die-hard love for flipping, me and my family love the outdoors, to explore our local area, and to travel. I want my blog to bring you knowledge and self-sufficiency!


Travel Advice, Couples looking for a quick romantic getaway, or large families traveling- Slow cooker meals for the busy mom, or some of my DIY jobs that I had to figure out through trial and error- I plan to share all the tips, tricks, and hacks that I've found and created! 


My passion to help other Mamas came about after realizing how hard it is researching for DIYs, or cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal in crockpots because of our hectic life, researching for weeks trying to find the perfect travel itinerary for our vacations! Hence, "Mama makes it better"! I stay powered by my family, we’ve got quite the little crew! We have ALL boys! 5 boys ranging from 7-18 so I can surely relate to all the mamas! I married my husband in 2018, I have my 3 sweet boys- Lander, Lawson, and Grayson! I am also lucky enough to have my bonus-boys Jackson and Ayden. My husband supports all of my crazy ideas and quite frankly anything I want to do! 

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