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Updating Our Cabin

Wood on Wood cabins with the same color Wood every where drives me crazy! I need some color in my life :) This cabin we made minimal changes and had fun decorating, but the little changes went a LONG way!! We stained the entry doors and existing trim with "Minwax "Provincial" and cut down my favorite Rough Cut Pre-stained Trim from Lowes to 2" and added that to the door trim as well. I added the same rough cut trim to the base and to the right of cabinets. We replaced the pickets on the staircase with a square metal mesh painted black and stained the railings provincial as well.

These kitchen cabinets were traditional grainy oak cabinets that didn't really match the aesthetics of the home.. We could not stain because of all the grain and I didn't want to paint solid color and have them stick out like a sore thumb.. so I painted and antiqued them and updated the handles. Details below. We also added a river rock backsplash to this creek-front cabin and put in the Distressed Black Greenview Kitchen Island I found on

The cabinets were lightly sanded just enough for paint to stick and painted with a beautiful blue shade- Sir Drake- Magnolia Home which I am now obsessed with! Here are the 3 products needed to achieve this look:

I used a paper plate and put some light wax and dark wax on separate sides of plate as my easel. With the brush, I did a very thin coat of light was on all of the cabinets. (I bared down pretty hard and just spread thin for coverage) I then went back with same brush and dark wax (VERY LIGHTLY dabbing in the dark) and just used around edges, corners, anywhere a regular cabinet would get worn, then used a little light wax to spread and adjust the darkness. With the light wax, it really makes it a forgivable process easy to lighten up if you get too crazy with the dark wax without messing them up. (I went very light with the dark wax but have get very cool antiqued effect by going darker- I love these waxes and use them often for projects)

Bedroom & Bathroom Inspiration:

Had fun updating and decorating! Below are some of the finished Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Game Room-

Everything right down to the light fixtures and vanities are brand new, so Any questions, Just ask!

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Jean Haberbush
Jean Haberbush
18 ต.ค. 2564

I love seeing your makeovers and inspiration pieces!! Thanks for including references where to find some of these pieces as well as your personal paint choices and techniques! I really hope you continue to post other projects, it's an inspiration for me that maybe I too can tackle a project or two! PS Thanks for finding me really nice new neighbors!!

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